Naturally Support Your Body's Detox

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Detox Shake

With Dr. Morgan's advanced naturopathic detox formula you can get started right away supporting your liver's ability to transform and eliminate literally thousands of substances. This option is great for those that want to start slow and simply support detoxification.

GPL Heavy Metals Urine Test

Heavy Metal/Toxin Test

Want a more specific approach? Dr. Morgan offers 5 different tests. They look at molds, heavy metals, glyphosate, non-metal chemical exposures, and allergies. Each test includes a 1-hour consult with Dr. Morgan to go over ways to recover your health.


Allergy Test

Have you ever felt like something in your environment is causing your health problems? It could be many things like foods, chemicals, or molds. We offer a Lymphocyte Response Assay (LRA) to test over 500 potential causes of your health concerns. There are several options for testing so you will need to email for pricing.

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Naturopathic physician

Autoimmune disorders, multiple chemical sensitivity, hormone imbalance, inflammation, brain fog, and etc. can all be due to toxins. Your body detoxes continuously every day but sometimes it needs a boost. With Dr. Morgan’s Naturopathic Detox Formula the focus is on optimizing your body’s potential. A combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids work synergistically to eliminate a broad spectrum of unwanted toxins.

Not sure where to start? To meet with Dr. Morgan and discuss your options call 517-455-7455 to set up a virtual appointment.